Machine Tool Accessories


Rocklin Manufacturing Co., incorporated in 1934 and based in Sioux City, Iowa, manufactures The ROCKLINIZER (carbide metal impregnator) and the Rocklin MOLDMENDER Micro Welder. The ROCKLINIZER uses the Rocklinizing process. By applying a hard and wear-resistant surface of tungsten carbide, titanium carbide and Rockhard electrode material to repair metals, tools and dies.

The Rocklin MOLDMENDER Micro welder repairs plastic injection molds, rubber processing molds, and die casting molds and dies made of steel. Typical applications are parting lines, corners, edges, pinholes, scratches, machining errors, etc. The repairs are produced by a low heat, non-arcing micro welding process. This produces a micro weld with the least amount of heat, so shrink lines and other cosmetic defects are eliminated.

Rocklin Manufacturing Co. also offers a line of quality parts and accessories to gain even greater benefit from the two main product lines, the ROCKLINIZER and the Rocklin MOLDMENDER Micro Welder. In addition, we provide outstanding customer service working to maximize your productivity while reducing your costs. From small shops to large-scale operations, Rocklin Manufacturing Co. products are well suited for many needs and situations.

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Founded in 1973, LNS America is the world’s leading supplier of bar feeding equipment with distribution throughout the five Industrialized continents. The North American operation is headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio with branch offices near Los Angeles, California and St. Louis, MO.

LNS offers manual and automatic bar feed systems, parts loaders/unloaders, and chip conveyors for all applications. We also offer high pressure coolant systems, tramp oil removers, automatic self centering steady rests and collett chucks. All of this backed by the service and applications assistance you would expect from a company that has proven itself as a forerunner for 35 years.

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Established in 1969, MIDACO is a leading manufacturer of a full line of pallet changers and other products that will save manufacturing time, increase output, and make your company more profitable and competitive.

Corporate Mission: To maintain the leadership role in our industry in the development of new innovative products that will significantly increase profits of our customers world-wide.

Key Products: Automatic and manual pallet changers for CNC machining centers, machine tool accessories and safety products for bench and pedestal grinders.

Market Strategy: Continuous sales growth through a worldwide network of distributors while offering quality product lines with the most advanced, state-of-the-art equipment.

Management Philosophy: To strive for quality and excellence in product design, manufacturing and service to our customers worldwide, while maintaining a leadership role in our industry with premier products and services.

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Iemca, a division of BUCCI Industries, has designed and produced automatic bar feeders for single-spindle and multi-spindle lathes since being established in 1961.

The range of Iemca’s products is the widest on the market, and includes parts and materials handling machines for loading and unloading machine tools. Iemca’s philosophy, supported by the company motto “Advancing Your Productivity” is to work together with our customers as partners providing the solutions they need to optimize their productivity and efficiency levels.

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