Ursviken develops and designs our press brakes in-house, therefore, you know that all parts are made to function together.

Our integrated modular systems can be customized according to user requirement. Our OptiFlex press brake offers complete solutions for forming/bending of sheet metal. Due to it’s advanced technology, it offers improved production speed and increased profits. The Angle and Spring Back Measurement system ensures consistent manufacturing results up to 100% at accuracy of +/-0.3 degrees. This consistency enhances profits by eliminating the need for post-process inspection. Components fit better resulting in an over-all higher quality of final product. Some of the other features we offer are:

  • CNC controlled deflection compensation,
  • multiple and independent back gauging
  • programmable sheet support/follower.

We also offer a patented lower die system that is fully programmable utilizing the multi purpose VDT(MP-VDT), making the die opening automatically adjust. This provides the opportunity to bend a variety of plate thicknesses and radiuses in one single set-up. Interchangeable sectionalized anvils and multiple die openings are possible within the same set-up. Set-up time savings of up to 80% or more can significantly improve machine utilization.

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PivaSystems offers the perfect solution for combining punching and bending in a single production line to produce a finished prsoduct.

This integrated solution offers the best possible return on investment with the unbeatable advantages of uninterrupted production. The PivaSystems production line integrates punching and bending modules to further boost part production efficiency.

The production line is excellently suited to product groups of highly variable delivery size. Flexibility to produce parts as required in small or large quantities in a single system is achieved from years of experience and the latest in technologies offered by Pivatic.

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Located in the city of Bursa, Turkey, Akyapak manufactures a wide range of metal fabricating machinery; including plate rolls, angle rolls, bordering machines and circular shears.

Akyapak Machinery places great importance on research and development activities and were the producers of Turkey’s first three roll hydraulic plate bending machines. Further intensive research has resulted in Akyapak’s manufacture and production of Turkey’s first four roll hydraulic plate bending machines.

Akyapak’s continuing emphasis on technical development has led them to the design and production of Turkey’s first bordering machines and CNC profile bending machines.

All Akyapak machines are confirmed with CE norms. All spare parts used in Akyapak equipment are produced by such worldwide known suppliers as Siemens, Bosch, Rexroth, Turk Electric Motor, Parker and MKE. Akyapak Machinery currently exports its products to 32 countries around the world.

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paSince 1953, P/A Industries has been a leading provider of innovative, high quality press feed equipment and coil handling equipment to the metal stamping and fabricating industry worldwide.

From innovative custom solutions to integrated systems, Our customers can expect Peace of Mind Guaranteed when working with us on all equipment needs.

Our commitment to service supports our guarantee and we now provide our service manuals online for access at anytime.

First world wide to make servo feeds affordable, patented semi automatic air feeds, VariTorq®, Soft-aire®, Loopless® are trademark technologies incorporated in to many of our products – helical blade scrap choppers, patented transporters, band feeds for flexible material, automatic rewind reels, traverse layer winders, automatic turret winders for the electronics industry.

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AKS Plasma

aksAKS’ accu-kut CNC Plasma cutting machines offer near-laser quality, built on a very strong, robust machine base. AKS’ dura-kut gantry type CNC plasma cutting equipment offers a high quality alternative to fit your specific application and requirements.

AKS will work with you to design a machine which fits your HD plasma cutting application as well as your shop floor AKS’ tru-kut plasma cutter is setting the standard for the best value in precision CNC plasma cutting. The tru-kut is the metal cutting system you have been waiting for: Affordably priced Easy to set-up, learn and use.

Extremely heavy-duty Rigid, high-quality construction Versatile features Designed and built in the USA to machine tool standards, the AKS tru-kut is a plasma cutter that will outlast the competition. AKS Cutting is an authorized stocking distributor for both Hypertherm and Kaliburn/Innerlogic plasma cutter consumables.

We carry genuine OEM replacement parts such as plasma electrodes, nozzles and torch parts. Most plasma consumables are in-stock and available for same day shipping.

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