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ksiKSI Swiss, Inc. is an American owned Swiss style lathe manufacturer based out of Westminster, Colorado.

KSI Swiss machines are manufactured by McBride Machine Tool Company (MMTC) in Seoul, South Korea, Westminster, Colorado and Minneapolis, Minnesota. There are three different sizes 20MM, 32MM and 38MM machines.

The owners of KSI Swiss came from job shop backgrounds, and understand the pressures faced, as well as the camaraderie of the U.S. manufacturers. The MMTC facility in South Korea, as well as both KSI Swiss U.S. locations are wholly owned and operated by our families and business associates.

KSI Swiss machines come standard with many of the features you would have to pay for on a competitor’s brand, yet are affordably priced. The SQC series of KSI Swiss machines is designed with the end user in mind.

The robust base casting and tool stand are extremely rigid and thermally stable in a minimal footprint and the machine cabinet is engineered to afford the operator/setup person maximum room for accessibility.

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